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Why List With MyChicagoFlats?


When it comes to renting your apartment, you need to make sure you're working with a Real Estate company that cares about your investment. Far too many apartment finding services focus on acquiring a large database of apartment listings that cannot possibly be serviced. This is great for people looking for an apartment, but bad for landlord’s whose investment becomes last on a very long list of options. At MyChicagoFlats we believe in quality, not quantity. We are a small, private real estate group of professionals whose goal is to provide a high level of customer service to both landlords and consumers looking to move. At MyChicagoFlats your apartment becomes a top priority in our office and you can count on our family to put you and your investment at the top of our list.


Feel free to call our office for more information or please fill out and fax us a copy of our non-exclusive listing agreement.


Click here for a copy of our non-exclusive listing agreement.